October's "Problem of the Month"
Algebra II

Student's Name:  __________________________________________

Date Due:  Tuesday October 31, 2017 (Turn in by October 26 if you want it counted on the 1st Marking Period.)
Remember: You must submit your solution on THIS printed page.

Packaging Department

As the head designer in the packing department it is your job to determine how nine identical gray blocks can be packed into the following rectangular box. (box is NOT a square) Blocks cannot overlap and all blocks will fit securely and snuggly when packaged correctly. However, the nine blocks will not take up all the area given in the box. In other words, it is necessary to have some "empty space" in your final packaging solution. (You may NOT cut the blocks into smaller blocks.)

First, carefully cut out the nine blocks. When you have determined the solution, tape or glue the gray blocks into the box and attach to this paper.

Click here to download the diagram of the box and blocks.

(If you are having troubling downloading the diagram, see Mr. Naylor)