November's "Problem of the Month"

College Calculus

Student's Name:  __________________________________________

Date Due:  Thursday November 30, 2017
Remember: You must submit your solution on THIS printed page.

Nifty Number Night

November's problem of the month is actually two seperate questions.
You do NOT need to get both questions correct in order to receive bonus. But why not try!

Question #1: Strimko 5 X 5
Completely fill in the grid with the missing numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 so that each row, column and stream contains each of these numbers once.
(You will need to print the grid in order to solve the problem.)

Question #2: Heaviest Digit
Based on the following diagrams, which digit is the heaviest and why?
You must provide a simple written explanation showing your work and / or thought process beside the picture.

..... Show work here / thought process here: