August's "Problem of the Month"

Trig & PreCalculus

Student's Name:  __________________________________________

Date Due:  Thursday August 31, 2017
Remember: You must submit your solution on THIS printed page.

Math Humor

Visit the Math Humor Bulletin Board located in the A200 wing. Select the quote, joke or math pun that grabs your attention.
(The photo on this page is blurrey so you physically go and LOOK at the board.  Don't worry, no one will think you are strange... you are in good company in our A200 hallway!)

For the poster you choose, you must:
1. Circle your choice on the image below.
2. Explain the math or humor behind the problem.
3. Explain why this particular poster grabbed your attention the most.
4. Optional: Attach or create your own poster that could be added to the Math Bulletin Board. (possible additional bonus)

Go ahead and write out your solution here: