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College Calculus: Differential CalcuCaching
Trigonometry: TrigCaching
Trigonometry: Polar Equations Exploration
Algebra II: Parabola Web Quest

Financial Activity
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Homework Help
Algebra II: Hot Math
This site is amazing! You can look up a step by step solution to some of the problems in our text book. (It is free to access some solutions, but if you want all the solutions, you do have to sign up.)

Cool Math Web Site
Don't let the name of this site deceive you. You will find an outstanding organization of practice and review problems (with answers) for most of the Algebra II concepts that we study. (They are in a different order, but still the same topics.) Check it out for some great practice problems!!
This is an great Calculus resource. I will actually use many of the on-line tutorials for classroom lecture.  You may find other useful materials on this website that we are unable to explore in class.

Graphing Utilities
Download a TI-83 Plus!!
This is amazing! You can actually download a TI-83 Plus that will run on your computer screen exactly like a regular handheld TI-83 used in class. You will need to download all three files (given below). I suggest that you create a new folder on your desktop, then place all three files into this folder. Once you complete the download, you simply need to click the "Computer TI-83" file to get started.
File #1: Computer TI-83
File #2: TI-83 Skin
File #3: TI-83 ROM

On-Line Graphing Calculator
Check this out. You can graph any equation (like we graph in class on the TI-83) using this on-line graphing calculator. IMPORTANT: You do NOT need to type y= when using this calculator.

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