Algebra II Concepts and Skills

Parabola Web Quest

Directions: Carefully answer each question on your answer sheet by clicking on each blue hyperlink. Be sure to answer all questions on your answer sheet!

Web Site #1
not availlable:

Web Site #2

Web Site #3

Web Site #4

Web Site #5
not availlable:

Web Site #6

Web Sites #7

1st site:

2nd site is OFF Line

3rd site:

Web Site #8

Do your own Web Quest...

Think of an application of parabolas, maybe something you have seen in your own life. Think of some key words that you could type into a search engine. Maybe you want to just type in the word "parabola." Don't forget to print out the first page of your discovery, then briefly write about what you learned on the answer sheet provided.

Consider using one of these search engines: